1-6 Nm Professional torque screwdriver with 1/4" drive

(Code: DV-10600)
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Essential tool for applying the recommended torque to the components in order to guarantee assembly safety.
Allows tightening to a torque of 1 to 6 Nm.
1/4'' quick bit holder.
Has a 1/4'' square drive at the base.
Ergonomic handle.
Laser engraved torque scale.
Tips not provided.
- to accurately apply a selected tightening torque to components and accessories
- torque range: 1 to 6 Nm
- 1/4'' square drive
- ergonomic and comfortable rubber handle
- screwdriver numbered and delivered in a case with ISO calibration certificate

Your VAR torque wrench is a precision measuring tool, be sure to observe the following instructions to preserve it:
- NEVER use it as a ratchet, it will eventually affect the accuracy of the wrench
- NEVER exceed the maximum torque of the spanner under penalty of irreparably damaging the gauges which allow the measurement
- protect it from shocks, dust, humidity

To maintain accuracy and proper function, torque wrenches should be checked and calibrated every 5,000 pulls, or every 12 months.
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