Extractor for Bosch engine case

(Code: PE-35800)
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Allows a fast and easy removal of Bosch Active Line and Performance Line right motor assembly.

The 3 self-centering claws perfectly distribute the effort around the lockring.

The large opening diameter (130mm) make the extractor compatible with all lockrings dimensions.

The three-dimensional machined tip fits square, ISIS® and Powerspline® spindles.


The forged claws and the machined tip allow a fast bearing carrier extraction, without impacts or leverage that could damage the motor.

The self-centering claws guarantee a fast installation, setup an use on the motor.

The tool conception allows an automatic pressure adjustment of the claws on the lockring.

Bosch Active Line and Performance Line bearing carrier extraction and replacement is a delicate operation that has to be done in a clean workspace. A detailed cleaning is required before any carrier extraction.

We do recommend our users to follow the manufacturer procedures, before and afer any extraction operation.

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